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Evolve with ALVA

ALVA is a multi-family office providing wealth management services to high-net-worth Individuals and Families. We focus on capital preservation and long-term value investing.


At ALVA, we specialize in providing wealth management services and corporate finance solutions to our clients.

A multi-family office 

We are dedicated to helping our clients preserve and grow their wealth over the long-term through disciplined investment processes and strategies.

Corporate finance solutions

We offer advisory to companies seeking capital raising, capital introduction, underwriting and corporate advisory services.

A decade of history

ALVA Capital was founded in 2014 by Alexander Vaskevitch, who gained valuable experience working at top blue-chip investment banks and running a hedge fund for 15 years.



Holistic View

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique financial goals. Creating a tailored overview across all the family assets strategizing and setting the desired asset allocation

Preservation of Wealth

We are dedicated to helping our clients preserve and grow their wealth over the long-term through disciplined investment processes and strategies

Next Generation

We strategically plan for the future to empower the next generations to sustain and grow the family legacy

Professional Relationships

Access to extensive network of banks, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, corporate executives, traders and economists

Alternative Investments 

Access to a wide range of traditional and alternative investment opportunities including private deals


Banking Services

We can provide access to banking products at attractive rates, including account openings, mortgages and other types of loans as required


Invested in 300+ Companies


AUM of $200M+

Experience of 20+ Years


Key Client Retention Rate of 100%


At ALVA, we apply two decades of credit expertise to craft and select securities for your portfolio. Our research-driven approach emphasizes robust cash flow and stable businesses.

We work with our clients to establish an investment strategy. Discretionary authority to manage our clients portfolio, allowing us to execute our investment strategy with speed and efficiency. Our investment strategy is designed to generate value over the long run.




We also offer advisory services to clients who prefer to have more control over their investments. As an advisory firm, we work closely with our clients to develop investment strategies that align with their individual investment goals and objectives.


Risk Management at the heart of our investment process


Customized reporting to cover the portfolios and the overall family wealth


Daily live monitoring of all the portfolio positions and marking the book

 Meetings with Clients

Daily meetings to review the past and upcoming events that may affect our positions 


We help entrepreneurs and businesses raise capital in a more efficient and faster way than traditional banks or capital providers.


Our clients are typically entrepreneurs who need to get a deal done and are ready to bring it over the line. We specialize in finding the balance between a confident sponsor and investors who are looking to generate attractive returns in a private transaction.

Capital Raising


Corporate Advisory

We offer a range of corporate finance services to our corporate clients, including private capital raising, acquisitions and divestitures, debt raising, and financial analysis and restructuring.

We also provide support for management buyouts and taking companies public or private.





 Creating alignment with our clients via our fee structure is a strong motivation for creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships



We believe in giving our clients full transparency over our decision making and analysis, so they can make informed decisions about their investments



Deploying client's capital only in high-quality businesses that can deliver sustainable, long-term returns

"As an investor with over two decades of experience, I've learned that the true measure of success isn't just financial gain, but the peace of mind I bring to families I work with. My commitment goes beyond managing wealth; it's about ensuring my clients sleep well at night, knowing their financial future is in capable hands. I've gained invaluable insights from the lessons of the past, continuously striving to add lasting value to every family I serve."


 Alexander Vaskevitch

CIO & Founding Partner

Alexander Vaskevitch


Alexander Vaskevitch

Alexander Vaskevitch

CIO & Founding Partner

Bharat Kandregula

Bharat Kandregula

Research Analyst & Partner

Nichola Human

Nichola Human

External Compliance Advisor

Mike Smith

Mike Smith


+44 207 898 3200
Mortimer House
37-41 Mortimer Street
London W1T 3JH
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